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| a·ga·pae |   /n./

  1. The Greek word for the highest form of love


  • Massage Therapy Degree from New York College of Health Professionals

  • Doula Certification with Childbirth International

  • BA in Humanities from Dowling College

  • Associates in Early Childhood Development

  • Naturopathica Holistic Health – East Hampton

  • Core Dynamic Gym – Watermill 

  • Specializing in Sports & Deep Tissue Massage, Pre / Post Natal Massage, Infant & Pediatric Therapies

Since I was 15 years old, I had a passion for working with children which started when I was a childcare provider and nanny. After viewing a documentary about Romanian orphanages, I had a yearning to help heal these children through massage. I had a dream of going to massage school and working with children who had cognitive and emotional delays in orphanages around the world, so I began my studies in early childhood education and got my BA in Humanities with a minor in Education. I started out as a pre-school teacher and worked with young children for several years. When I was a pre-school teacher, my method was to teach through play and art and engage the child’s innate creative abilities. 

I was finally ready to enroll in massage school. At that time in my life I was very athletic and a marathon runner and saw firsthand, the benefits of massage and bodywork in recovery for adults. I became really good at what I did through my passion and intention of “agape”. Then, the life-changing event of birthing my daughter also birthed my purpose in life to become a doula. I had a difficult birth and was fortunate enough to have the loving care and support of my mother during the process. Having my mothers support helped me acknowledge the importance of a supported birth! 

When my own child was born with some complications, I was able to use my knowledge from my early childhood degree combined with my massage therapy training to help her thrive. I massaged her twice a day and gave her other physical therapies. It was a profound and challenging experience that motivated me to help assist and educate women on childbirth and infant care. In 2015, I assisted in my first home birth with a massage client who asked to have me there for physical support. I was so moved by the power and strength of a supported birth that I then pursued a degree with Childbirth International and have been serving my local community as a birth doula since. This work was bigger and more significant than anything I had done previously through the knowledge and understanding that we subconsciously remember everything that transpires during our birth and that experience stays with us forever. To be able to come into this world being loved and having the parents nurtured during the process, sets the stage for a loving, happy life. The birthing process is powerful experience, and I am honored to be able to make this my life’s work. 


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Therapeutic and Medical techniques are used to help and assist in common or specific problems to help reduce pain, tension, and stress. Techniques are used to address specific issues such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or such things as chronic low back pain.


Continuous support from a Doula during labor provide physical and emotional benefits for mother and health bonuses for their babies. With less medical intervention, fewer complications, and shorter hospital stays there may be financial savings as well.


The benefits of  prenatal and postnatal include stress and pain reduction for mother and child. Postnatal massage can be done in office or in home upon customer request.


Parents will learn therapeutic touch to help ease and calm their babies. Classes can be held in home with parents and their children and any other family members.



Serving clients on the

East End of Long Island

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